asked us what areas homeowners usually neglect, and we answered!

“When we talk about cleaning, everyone cleans the most obvious places: the floors, counters, and even the toilets! But the filthiest places are the ones we touch every day! Sanitize your doorknobs and light switches with antibacterial wipes or a vinegar solution, especially when the flu is going around! We remember to clean our toilet bowl and seat but who even remembers to actually clean behind the toilets? Our crews sanitize and scrub all that rust out of the way to make sure your toilets look their best! Also, when we finish cooking we make sure to clean our cooktop really nice but what about all that grease built up in the vent hood? Lastly, to mention the place we didn’t even know was a food warmer, we all use it to clutter it with unused pots, pans, and utensils. Better Choice Cleaning remembers to pull out the warming drawer to sweep and wipe all the unseen trash and dust!”

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