The presence of bacteria or any type of germs in your house can lead to a lot of health problems. When looking for cleaning services in Houston TX, it is important to have a checklist of things to be carried out in your house. Here is the checklist.

House Cleaning Checklist for the Bedroom

The sheets and the pillowcases you are using within your bedroom should always be washed using hot water at an interval of about two weeks to kill all the bacteria. The other parts which do not have direct contact with the skin can be washed at an interval of one month. They can also be thrown into the dryer to get rid of all the germs found in the clothes.

Other parts such as the switches, the doorknob, handle and other flat surfaces should be washed using the anti-bacterial cleaner. Dust will stick on to those parts so quickly meaning that you should carry out the cleaning at an interval of about ten days.

House Cleaning Checklist for the Bathroom

If you have towels in your bathroom, make sure you have a replacement for the towels after using them for a few days. Hot water should be used to clean them to make sure all germs have been killed. The bathroom should be cleaned starting from the floors to the walls. The cleaning should be carried out based on how frequently you use it. You can hire the best cleaning services in Houston TX to assist you with it.

A disinfectant can also be used to kill all the germs in the bathroom. It is good to make sure that you have used different cleaning rags for the sink and the tub. Also, make sure there is no mixing of the chemicals when carrying out the cleaning.

As always remember to wipe the common touch areas such as the knobs and the light switches.

House Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

The towels used in the kitchen must also be washed on a regular basis when they come into contact with meat. The other towels can be replaced with fresh towels after a few days to reduce the exposure of the towels to germs.

The sink should also be washed regularly and make sure there are no food particles in the sink after using it.

General House Cleaning Checklist

Always make sure you have vacuumed the carpet on a weekly basis and focus on the areas which have high traffic. The dirt found on your shoes can be easily transferred to other parts within your house. You can place the rugs at the entrance of your house to prevent any dirt from being transferred to other parts within your house.

The high touch areas should also be cleaned frequently. Take your time to see the areas you touch on a frequent basis within your house and clean them. The hardwood floors and the tiles should be cleaned after a few weeks.

Always make sure you use the above checklist when hiring cleaning services for your house.