You can’t trust a dirty tenant. They can be a detriment to your apartment and also cause you to spend more on cleaning your apartment, in addition to lowering the value of your rental property. Furthermore, careless tenants can attract pests, making it even less likely for your other tenants to stay.

You would want your tenants to clean up after themselves, but of course, you cannot trust everybody. Signs of dirty tenants include cockroaches appearing in the apartment complex, dirty dishes that never get cleaned, garbage in the room that lasts one week, and mold on the wall.

Here are three ways in which you can deal with dirty tenants.

Hire an Apartment Cleaning Service

You should have a clause in your lease that should permit you to hire apartment cleaning Houston for at least once per month. Dirty tenants feel embarrassed for having this service clean their room for them, so these tenants are less likely to stay while the rest of your tenants will thank you. An apartment cleaning service is a win-win situation for you and others living in your building.

An apartment cleaning service can also raise the value of your apartment complex. Knowing that your apartment is frequently cleaned is a good sign for potential tenants looking for some place to stay that’s clean and hazard-free. They also practically pay for themselves, too, raising your apartment’s value.

Explain Cleaning Responsibilities to Your Tenants

Hiring an apartment cleaning service is considered a must, but you also should have cleaning responsibilities for your tenants written in your clauses, as well. You can give your tenants a checklist of what to clean each week and tell them which techniques or products work best.

You shouldn’t need to worry about explaining what to clean to neat freak tenants, but this will further ensure that your building always remains clean and that new tenants understand the rules for what they need to do in order to contribute to the success of your apartment building. If tenants don’t follow these cleaning rules, you can also mention in their clause that you can bill them for the next time you hire an apartment cleaning service.

Show Your Tenants How to Clean

If tenants are aware that you have a cleaning service that shows up each month, they can tend to leave all the cleaning to them, which isn’t something you or your other tenants want. When a tenant moves in or when you start to have problems, you can pay your tenant a visit and inspect the room. You can show your tenant what needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Sometimes, tenants don’t ever realize how simple cleaning can get. You can show them how to clean walls with a cleaning eraser or how to clean an oven.

Cleaning can be discouraging to tenants at first, but showing them what to clean and how to clean it can change their outlook on cleaning and can help them understand what is the best way to clean that you can approve of. Some dirty tenants can lapse over time, while others likely do not want to learn or want to take the time to clean their room. While an apartment cleaning service will clean your whole apartment building, you should count on your tenants to look after their own territories, too.

Not every tenant you have will be careful, motivated, or interested in cleaning, but that is okay. As we have gone over, there are multiple ways that you can deal with tenants who are dirty and careless.