All you know for certain is that you need a professional cleaning service to help clean your home. However, there are often a number of different services to choose from, depending on what company you consult with, but there are mainly two types of cleanings that most of these companies could do for residential and commercial spaces. These are regular cleanings and deep cleanings.

About Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essentially touch-up cleaning. It is what most people do on a weekly basis, and maid and cleaning services can also clean homes every three to four weeks in a certain home. Regular cleaning is meant to keep a home looking tidy, beautiful, and comfortable. Surfaces and floors look better and you and your family will certainly be impressed with what a difference it makes. Services included in regular cleanings often entails the cleaning of many frequented rooms of the home, vacuuming carpets and rugs, wiping and dusting counters and other surfaces, wiping down windows and doors, and mopping and sweeping hard floors.

Regular cleaning is more affordable compared to deep cleaning, and people often choose regular cleaning if they do not have the time to maintain a home by themselves. Regular cleanings can be done on a periodic basis so that the home stays clean and never has a chance of declining in cleanliness.

About Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning on the other hand, takes it a step further, using advanced equipment to make floors and surfaces clean inside and out. Deep cleanings are for homes that have not been cleaned in a while, and need to take action before regular cleanings can work. Deep cleaning is often done once by cleaning services, followed by routine regular cleaning afterwards. Deep cleaning often involves cleaning areas of the home that regular cleaning do not cover. This includes behind kitchen appliances, in sink basins and ovens, all corners of every room, bathroom tiles, show heads, faucets, handles, toilet bowls, and more.

Deep cleaning services are meant for homes under special circumstances. Aside from not cleaning your home in a while, deep cleaning can also be necessary for post-construction cleanup, as well as cleaning when you are moving in or out of a home. Deep cleaning services will tend to cost more with more equipment and labor required, but it will overall provide more cleanliness around the home.

Which Cleaning Service Should I Choose?

To help you decide if you need one cleaning or the other, look around your home to see what needs to be done. Look at your sink, over, windows, and anywhere else where dust and other irregularities can accumulate. If you are content with cleaning these areas but need it to be maintained, you would like to have just a regular cleaning. If you see things like cobwebs, grease stains, and grime and dirt, then your maids in Houston will recommend a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is also for unexpected events that made your home messy, or from construction that requires a professional cleanup.

Now you have a better understanding of regular and deep cleanings, you can decide which to pick when you consult with your professional cleaning services in Houston. If you are unsure about which to choose when we visit, we would be happy to review your home to determine which would be most necessary.


Many cleaning services offer regular and deep cleanings. They are different from one another, as deep cleaning often requires more work and resources to give your home a better clean. Regular cleaning can be done to prevent homes from getting dirty.