Building maintenance is an ongoing commitment, and nobody ever said it is an easy job. You likely feel that having a janitor on site isn’t worth all the money that you are investing to have him or her around, or maybe he or she is airing their grievances over how they need some assistance to have everything cleaned in a given period of time.

You likely don’t have the budget to have more cleaning staff on the payroll, but this is where a janitorial service in Houston TX can help. Yes, with a professional cleaning crew, you aren’t paying more staff, you are simply hiring a service. Essentially, you’ll be paying less to get more work done.

But that isn’t all, when it comes to cleaning supplies, you might have limited resources in terms of what your company can clean with, so here are all the tools, supplies, and equipment that your janitorial service in Houston TX will have on hand with them.

  1. Basic Cleaning Products

There is no “one-size-fits-all” cleaning product out there. Some of these products have chemicals that could do more harm than good to a particular surface. For different surfaces and materials, you will need different products to clean with. Thankfully, professional cleaning crews are well prepared with all the products they need to clean all kinds of surfaces that your building has. These services will have different cleaning products on hand to clean neutral materials, metals, wood, stone, glass, mirrors, and even specialty products that get rid of unsightly stains and repulsive odors.

  1. Floor and Carpet Cleaners

With sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, not enough really gets done in order to make floors and carpets like brand new again. With carpets, professional cleaning services will utilize various effective products like shampoos, detergents, pet treatments, stain removers, and even stain prevention products for lifting up different types of contaminants. And what about hard floors? It depends on what kind they are. Wood and laminate floors are to be cleaned with basic cleaning products, but in the case of wood, it can also be sealed for water and moisture resistance. Linoleum floors require non-solvents for proper cleaning. Vinyl’s need finishing for the best cleaning results, as well.

  1. Protective Gear

Dealing with messy decor in addition to toxic cleaning supplies may be hazardous to one’s health, which is why professional cleaners use the most protective gear to help them as they are at work. Crew members wear work boots, and pants that cover the entire leg. Any long hair is tied back or tucked inside of a hat. Whenever the occasion arises, they will also put on protective goggles and gloves. Staying clean and healthy is a professional cleaning crew’s top priority, and the proper gear is necessary to reduce the risk of contaminating germs, rather than to increase the risk

  1. Other Equipment

For other less-common jobs, professional cleaning crews also have the following tools available.

To clean concrete, in the form of walls, floors, siding, and driveways, professional cleaners can use either hot or cold pressure washers, used to blast water on surfaces in order to clean dirt, grime, paint, leaves, graffiti, and other irregularities.

Air duct vacuums are also available for use to clean dust from a building’s ventilation systems, and to prevent dust from getting inside any commercial machinery that would otherwise affect its performance negatively.

And of course, toxic chemicals and fumes from certain cleaning products are removed following cleaning with a vapor steam cleaner. This accelerates the time it takes for floors to be usable again without people inhaling these chemicals involuntarily.